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Editaltaïr ibn-la'ahad altaïr ibn-la'ahad (1165–1257) was a syrian assassin during the middle ages and, from 1191 until his death, the assassin order's grand master raised to be an assassin. Altair, the main character in assassin's creed, does not practice any explicit religion while his father was muslim and his mother a christian, his views at the time the game takes place are. Muslim no where in the game does it refer to altair as a muslim it is implied that he is an atheist (or at least non religious) when talking to. Even the muslim countries that they ruled resent them the byzantine empire was tolerant of other religions, it ruled the middle east for over 1000 years and the muslims survived didn't they.

Monday 1-1-2018 assalaamu alaykum my previous question is about names, and i want to clarify it a name is good in a language, like, for example, zaniyah, which means forever/always in nahuatl, while it is known. The most excellent greek is altair muslim were more concerned with interacting a model of the resource and the relation of the intercontinental words within it, but the intention ended two very pleased approaches to this time. The name altair (arabic writing : التاير) is a muslim boys names the meaning of name altair is the flying eagle .

Origin altair ibn-la'ahad was born in 1165 ad, his mother was a christian and his father was a muslim both were assassins during the course of his childhood he learned the to hone the skills. Personal journey of muhammad hafiz altair, the little muslim traveler. Altaïr ibn-la'ahad was a syrian assassin during the middle ages and, from 1191 until his death, the mentor of the assassins in the levant altair is the main protagonist of assassin's creed, and the bigger good in assassin's creed ii, and the one of the deuteragonists in assassin's creed.

Best answer: significant as far as to the storyline of your video game but not otherwise of course it means that the west is so desperate to marr the image of islam until it's begun creating fictional characters like himjust so they can portray muslims as bad people the main significane, however, which you fail to recognize is. Altaïr ibn-la'ahad (1165–1257) was born to a syrian-muslim father, umar ibn-la'ahad, and his wife, maud, who died of complications during childbirth. Historically it is known that the hashasheen were nizari ismailis which is a path of shi'a islam, so allowing a non-muslim into the hashasheen is highly unlikely, but to appeal to more people the game creators decided altair would be neutral (not religous only spiritual) and be born of a christian mother and muslim father.

The spanish inquisition the new assassin’s creed movie is an adaptation of the popular video game the movie is set in a fictional version of real-world events – the real world events being the spanish inquisition that followed the end of the muslim. Altair is an atheist he explicitly states it in ac1 (i remember it well because i'm an atheist and long time gamer and it was the first time i've ever noticed a videogame character who held blatantly atheistic views. For me, altair destinations is an ideal bridge to foster and promote understanding between cultures and people while working as a travel consultant spain has a dominant islamic heritage, however establishments are in their infancy with regards to muslim-friendly services.

[email protected] trained in anthropology and sociology, my research examines how international mobility and transnational experiences shape social trajectories and hierarchies in sub-saharan africa sexual and marital practices in the muslim society of zanzibar the project investigates the ways in which intimate practices and. Altair is a muslim boy name which originates from the arabic language lucky number for name altair is 7 lucky days for name altair are sunday, tuesday, thursday and lucky metals are copper for name altair lucky stones for name altair are peridot. Altair the name altair is a baby boy name meaning greek meaning: the name altair is a greek baby namein greek the meaning of the name altair is: bird. Altair is a muslim boy name altair meaning is the flying eagle also refers to a first magnitude.

Muslim boy names and meanings, a comprehensive list of unique and beautiful muslim baby boy names showing page 12 altair the flying eagle also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation lyra amaan the most lovelable amaar one who prays 5 times and fasts amam. Altair performing an assassination two elements surface in altaïr's character as his eagle-styled tunic and cowl and being the child of both christian and muslim faiths born in syria, altair was raised to be an assassin from his young age and has achieved the rank of master assassin by his mid twenties altaïr's mother died when he was. Just wondering if he is muslim or arab, its really nice to finaly play as one without being used as a terrorist btw, altair mean. Muslim arabic islamic baby boys names by meanings allamah is an arabic name for boys and girls that means extremely knowledgeable, endowed with.

Altair ibn la ahad is on facebook join facebook to connect with altair ibn la ahad and others you may know facebook gives people the power to share and. Ahad is a middle eastern given forename primarily used by muslims and jews (eg ahad ha'am)it is also used as a family name (surname) (eg oli ahad) in arabic ahad means one, unique or matchless and is usually used by muslims when referring to god by prefixing ahad with al-, ie al-ahad. Altair is a muslim baby boy name, it is an arabic originated name altair name meaning is in greek meaning is : star and the lucky number associated with altair is 7 find all the relevant details about the altair meaning, origin, lucky number and. Re: is altair real actually, he was a real character and it is taken -almost- from the history the real assassin was call ebu-tahir whom alredy created great problems for seljuk turks.

Altair muslim
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